Why do Instagram needs a proxy server?

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, annually gaining the number of users. This social network is recognized as the best blogging platform for business, because many bloggers, SMM-specialists and owners of shops or service providers promote their activities through this portal.

But the administration of the resource is very unequivocally related to all attempts at artificially imitating activities and actions aimed at attracting users in a non-natural way. First of all, it is aimed against using servers for automatic growth of subscribers and likes. How to avoid sanctions in the mass promotion and promotion of several profiles on Instagram at the same time? The answer is simple – use a proxy server, replacing the user’s location ID. Why do we need and where to buy proxy for Instagram, find out below.


Instagram proxy – what is it and why is it needed?

To begin with, let’s understand the terms. A proxy is an intermediary server between an Internet user and a web server. With it, the owners of applications and sites can not track your true IP address, location and information about you as a user. In addition, it allows you to visit the portals that is blocked by the Internet provider. It allows you to work being anonymous to web resources.

What type of proxies use with the instagram? Proxy addresses can be both paid and free. But the second one has a problem – they are used by other people, and therefore their use will not bring any benefit, on the contrary, it can speed up the process of blocking your account. The protocol can be Ipv4 and Ipv6, the first will cost more than the second due to the fact that there are few free numbers in this range, but the chance of its conflict with social networks equals 0.


To summarize: Why do we need proxies to work with Instagram?

As we can see, logging into Instagram via a proxy is easy, but expensive, and using it will secure your accounts and you will not get any blocks. Many greedy SMM specialists have already paid for the use of some IP-addresses promoting Instagram, and many projects have been promoted fairly well and made a profit. The same applies to those who use one profile in the social network, but spins it with third-party services and bots. Do not repeat such silly mistakes, secure the work in the social network: you can buy a proxy for Instagram using Proxy-Seller. And finally – keep in mind that purchasing a proxy for Instagram is necessary for the appropriate geo location.