5 Valid Reasons Why Artists struggle with social media, and the way they might succeed.

You’ve detected it before, however it bears repeating: Social
media is here to stay! it’s dynamic the approach the art world works and the way
people area unit shopping for art.

Perhaps you’re alert to the chance, and you’re giving
it your best effort. You log into Facebook and share your latest work. You
tweet each alternative day. But, it hasn’t been providing you with the results you expected.
You get discouraged. you are doing even less with social media. Will this sound

Here area unit some common reasons that artists struggle with
social media and the way to beat them:

1. “I Don’t grasp What to Write”

You probably assume authors and poets have it straightforward once it
comes to social media. They invariably grasp what to mention, right? which will be true,
but visual artists even have the advantage. In recent years, led by the
popularity of Pinterest, social media has been trending off from words towards
images. In keeping with new Twitter knowledge, tweets with pictures area unit thirty fifth additional possible
to be shared than text-only tweets. And Pinterest and Instagram were designed
to be visual platforms.

So, don’t worry concerning what you say. Instead, offer fans and
consumers a glimpse into your world. Share a piece current or an image of
you in your studio. Snap an endeavor of your new provides, or just share a picture
that evokes you. It should appear unoriginal, however your fans can fancy obtaining a peek
into your artistic method.

2. “I Don’t Have Time”

We perceive that you’d somewhat be making than worrying concerning posting on social media at sure times of day. Luckily, there area unit variety of free and easy-to-use tools out there that create this task abundant easier. Buffer and Hoot suite area unit each well-liked choices, permitting you to auto-schedule posts and shorten links. That approach you’ll beware of a whole week of posts (across all of your social media platforms) in one sitting.

If you’re searching for the simplest way to fill your feed with
interesting articles and inspiration from alternative artists, seek Feedly.
This platform helps you to buy your favorite blogs and magazines (Art business
Blog, ARTnews, creative person Daily, etc.), scan all their most up-to-date posts in one
spot, and simply share articles on your Twitter and Facebook feeds right from

3. “I Don’t See Returns”
When you 1st build a social presence, it’s possible planning to be tiny. It’s straightforward to be discouraged by those tiny numbers and feel that you’re not creating an effect, or that your effort isn’t seeing rewards. Don’t surrender simply yet! Once it involves social media, quality is additional necessary than amount. It’s okay if you simply have fifty Facebook page likes on your Facebook page if those fifty folks area unit actively engaged and sharing your content. In fact, that’s higher than having five hundred those who ignore your posts! concentrate on the followers you are doing have and provides them content they’ll fancy. once they share your work, it’s not simply those fifty folks seeing your talent; it’s their friends, and also the friends of their friends.

Over time, if growth simply isn’t happening, it isn’t you.
Your target market may not hang around on the social media platform that
you’re presently mistreatment. Take a while to trust you’re making an attempt to
reach, so dig around to search out out wherever these folks hang around on-line.
Design your social media strategy backwards along with your audience and goal in
mind, and choose the proper platform supported that goal.

4. “I’ll simply Post and Be through with It”

Social media is termed “social” for a reason. If you simply
throw up a post and ne’er have interaction along with your users or the post once more, it’s like
walking into a celebration and standing alone within the corner. What’s the point? assume
of it this way; social media may be a thanks to have a oral communication along with your
customers and fans. If you aren’t taking part in conversations or reaching
out to others, you’re not doing it right!

Here area unit some strategies: If somebody posts a inquire into
your diary or Facebook, confirm you reply inside twenty four hours. Even a straightforward
“Thanks!” can go a protracted approach in terms of engagement, as a result of it makes folks
feel sensible to grasp that you’re reading their posts which there’s a true
person behind the page. a good thanks to spark a oral communication is to cause a
question on Facebook. raise folks to call a replacement piece of art that you simply created or
ask what they think about a show at a neighborhood gallery or deposit.


5. “I Don’t perceive It”

Do you ever want there’s a replacement social network to be told
every few months once you haven’t gotten a handle on the primary one? Social
media may be frustrating and ineffective if you don’t grasp what you must be
doing thereon platform. grasp that you simply aren’t alone in this! Don’t be afraid to
ask for facilitate. raise an exponent or first-born kid if they will show you around a
Facebook page. likelihood is they’ll grasp enough to form you snug and
maybe even show you a trick or 2. If you’ve exhausted your personal network
and still feel unsure of what you’re doing, there’s lots of nice content out
there to guide you thru it. Here area unit some places to start:


Ultimately grasp that you simply aren’t planning to do something with
one post which will ruin your entire career. this can be a low-stakes, high-reward
activity that may be career-changing!

You don’t ought to screw all, either!
Develop a robust social strategy by finding out “Which Social Media
Channel is correct for Your Art Business?”